Information on recent developments, press releases and current events of interest to the Converting industry.

Newest Addition - Hysteresis Brakes & Clutches

New Q-Sun Xenon Light Stability Tester has Humidity Control

UV Coating Services Offered

CORfine Unveils New Automatic Sheet Feeder

New Model 8000 Oxygen Permeation Analyzer

IMI Introduces New Heiber + Schroder Window Machine

New Converter Research & Prototype Service

Custom Chill Stands with Guaranteed Temperature Control

Contech Sheeter / Slitter System Processes Conrrugated Material

Preco New UV Laser System

Tunkers Combinator 1100 Semi-Automatic Mounter to Pacific Paper Box

Website UV/EB Safety Presentation

ISO 9001 Re-registration

Narrow Web Service Program

SME Rondo 500

Anilox Cleaning System

PRess Side Color Management

New W.A.S.P. Automation

Smart Roll Handling Increases Line Efficiences to 99%

Paratherm Corporation Releases Data Bulletin on High-Efficiency Heat Transfer Fluid


Marcon 5000 with Printer

New MR Heat Transfer Fluid for Mid Temperature Range Applications

Servo Stand-Up Pouch Machine Features Servo Actuated Sealing

WTI Incorporated Releases The Zero Speed Lap Slicer System

New Weathering and Light Stability Seminar

New Spooling Mounting Accessories From Magnetic Technologies

Booklet Label Constructions

Tunkers Combinator 1100 Semi-Automatic Mounter to American River Packaging

Kroenert and SML Extrusion Technology Announce Alliance



Union Makes Bostik Findley One Of The Leaders In The Worldwide Adhesives And Sealants Industry

Pulsar Offers Patented Lane Devider System for Tissue Rolls

New Orbital Log Saw Revolutionizes Tissue Industry

UV Curable Adhesives for Carton Windows

Water Base Laminating Adhesives for Narrow Web Flexo Applications

3 Day Seminar at Georgia Southern University

IMI Introduces New Heiber & Schroder Window Machine

Graph Expo 2000 / Converting Expo 2000

Italflex CI-press


Flexo CI Proof Press

Pearl Spreader Bars

Paratherm's MR Mid-Range Heat Transfer Fluid Now Available

Contech Stackers Offer Several Methods for Material Handling

New Experimental Design Software Offers Tremendous Power and Ease of Use

Paratherm Corporation Sales Manager Jim Oetinger Presents Paper at ILTA Conference

Flexographic Printing Services - Pressroom Training

Taking nip impressions is now faster and more accurate!

Advanced Static Neutralizer Now Available for Hazardous Locations

New Q-Lab Site Offers One-Stop-Shop For Weathering Research Needs

Contech Magna RW Rewinder Makes Roll Conversion Easy

IS80 Indexer Sweep

CMM Marks Introduction of THERMODRY™ Dryers from C A Litzler Company Inc.

Core Cutters

Ultrapresss by Contech Provides a Wide Range of Die-Cutting Options



New Static Neutralizer for Hazardous Locations Introduced at CMM

FlexoZone Incorporated offers flexographic equipment, supplies, and consulting services

Precision Converting lowest prices and best quality GUARANTEED

Paratherm Corporation to Exhibit a Full Line of Heat Transfer Fluids in Booth # 25007 at CMM International Trade Show

BHS's Success In Folding Carton-Flexo Printing

Stork Cellramic Invests in Latest Laser Technology

Company Provides Unique Non-Lubricated Gear and Roller Technology

Tinsel - Static Eliminator

Automatan OneCut Diecutting System

New Generation of COR-LOK® Airshaft and Chuck Technology from CAC

General Magnaplate To Showcase TNS at CMM Booth No. 10067

Automatan SF65 Litho Laminator

Tissue Watch

String Makes Static Control a Snap

New Video Library From CONTECH Is Now Available

Kice Speed Spout Technical Manual

Tough Tag Material Now Available with Flame Retardant

Tradenet Publishing Inc, Replaces Failing Equipment with New CONTECH Die-Cutting Press

Kice Announces New Process Scales for Material Handling Needs

Free Seminars in Static Neutralization for Hazardous Areas Expanded

EconoCutter Converts Foam and Other Materials at Low Cost

Kice Pneumatic Conveying Systems For a Variety of Processing Needs

Micro Air® Dust Collectors

Rubber and Other Materials Are Processed With Versatile CONTECH CompuSheeter

Paratherm Corporation Reformulates OR ® Heat Transfer Fluid; Now More Resistant to Sludge Formation

Advance your Process or Product with New Entry-Level Software

Company Provides Expertise in Unique Gear Technology

CONTEC UltraPress System Processes Vinyl Materials

Barco Graphics Releases Plato: Smart Digital Plate Design Software

The 10th Annual International In-Mold Labeling Conference

CONTECH Magna S/R Slits and Rewinds Paper Material With Ease

Trim USA Makes Production Easier With CONTECH MagnaSlitter

Diverter Valve Brochure

The company EBERLE presents a new machine

Protect-All Print Media and Valeron Strength Films Announce Master Distribution Agreement

Pillar Newly Rennovated High Tech Lab Facility

Ion Industrial Expands to Europe, Will Exhibit at K 2001

Non- Contact Coat Weight Measurement Gauge Allows

High Performance Bale Tying System

Teamwork Pays Off

Tekra de Mexico and Valéron Strength Films Announce Master Distribution Agreement

New Excell™ Splicer Eliminates Manual Web Indexing

CONTECH Laminators Can Apply Material at High Speeds

Industrial Fan Brochure

Label House Limited Uses CONTECH Magna SR Slitter / Rewinder for a Simple and Flexible Solution to Manufacturing Problems

Narrow Web Die-Cutters from CONTECH Process Foils Easily


Industrial Filter Systems Brochure

Solution Provider / Management Software Developer Meets ISO Needs of Printers by Creating Quality Control Tools.

Growing Interest in UV / EB PSA's

Renewed Interest in UV Laminating Adhesives for Labels

CONTECH Servo Sheeter Processes Plastic Materials Efficiently


Would you like to improve product performance, reduce manufacturing costs and eliminate toxic systems?

Valéron Strength Films Announces 2-for-1 Sale

Go Beyond Six Sigma with Specialized DOE Software

ULTRA-S line of modular Ultrasonic Sensors

Vacuum Roll Control Without Web Marring

MEGTEC Offers a Modular, Low Cost RTO

Webex - the industry’s first choice in air turn bar solutions

New Q/B Filter For Automotive Testing

New CONTECH Automation Capabilities Brochure

Model MS 102 PMC with ACCU-WIND Control System

Industrial Filters

Low-Inertia Rolls for Low-Tension Applications

Information Expands at Baler Web Site

Pliant Corporation Purchases 10-Color ASTRAFLEX from Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corporation

CONTECH Now Offers Used Equipment on Web Site

CONTECH Eliminates Williamson Printing's Need for Outsourcing

Model MS120T Modular Strapping Winder

New Compactor Revolutionizes Trim/Scrap Handling

A Scope for Machine Builders and Mechanical Engineers


Renewed Interest In Expanded Content/Booklet Labels

Project Management - Silicone Coater

Water Base Matte Topcoates

CONTECH Offers Non-Stop Inline Sheeter /Stacker System

UV Weatherable Topcoats

EB Technology Advancements

Custom T-Rex Bales 30 Tons of OCC per Hour

Roll Specifications and Pricing now on Enhanced Web Site

New Static Bar Makes Virtual AC Neutralizers More Affordable

New Clearning Fluid For Hot Oil Units Dissolves Sludge on Contact

Another Wide Web BHS Flexo In-Line Press for Paperboard

Press side Color Management

New Workshop Helps Professional Regain Lost Statistical Skills

New CONTECH Sheet or Roll-Fed Die-Cutting System Processes Magnetic Material

Thermal Transfer Ribbons Certified for Valéron & V-Max Films

Convenient Roll Unloading with Cantilever Turret Rewinder

Refurbishing Enhances Converting Machinery Performance

Versatile High-Volume Baler Meets Many Needs

New Micro Air Clean Air Booths are Modular, Easy To Use

New CONTECH Sheet-Fed Laminating / Die-Cutting System

Chill Rolls for UV Curing Applications

Static Control Technology Ideal for Unwind / Rewind Applications

Precise New Multiple Roll Die-Cutting System From CONTECH

Static Problems

New Application Guide From Micro Air Clean Air Systems

Ecomonical New Small Format Web-Fed Die-Cutter from CONTECH

Air Operated Safety Chuck

Model MS 103-ED Modular Strip Winding System

New Inline Slitter/Sheeter/Stacker from CONTECH

New Micro Air ® Clean Air Booth Brochure

Sludge Removal of Hot Oil Systems Now Possible Without Tear Down

Model MS120T Modular Strapping Winder

Manual Side-lay Safety Chucks

Roll-Fed Sheeter with Big Capabilities; Small Footprint

Model MS 121 PMC with ACCU-WIND Control System

Non-Stop Dual Axis Sheeter Protects and Stacks Material

Farnell Packaging Ltd. Purchase NOVOFLEX Flexo Press From W&H

Quality Budget Priced Automatic Die Cutters

Balers Made for "Slick" Material

Static Neutralizer for Plastic Bag Making Machinery

Eliminate Web Wrinkling with Rubber Covered Rolls

Advanced Neutralizer Takes Guesswork Out of Static Control

Consistent, High-Density Bales with Multiple Materials

Heat Transfer Rolls For Multi-Web Applications

Static Control System Updated to be Introduced at CMM Intl 2003

Company Unveils New Name, Logo

Expanded Line of Recycled Packaging Components on Display at CMM

Array of Choices for Static Neutralization

First Display of Dual Rotary Knife Cartridge at CMM International 2003

CAC Introduces Scroll Roll Economical Wrinkle Removal System

Web Spreading Presentation Scheduled for CMM

Pneumatic Conveying Systems Engineered For a Variety of Processing Needs

Advances in Corona Power Supplies

New Baler Model to be Introduced at CMM

Model MS 102 PMC with Accu-Wind Control System

Non-Stop Inine Sheeter/Slitter Gently Processes Materials

W & H at CMM 2003 - 14-17 April, Booth 4513 McCormick Place, Chicago

Eberle Participation in CMM 2003

Eberle Participation in CMM 2003

Specialized Airlocks Shipped Fast from Kice QuikShip Center

W&H Corporation at NPE with 3-Layer VAREX(R) Blown Film Extrusion Line – Booth 1885

Northwest Coatings Awarded Patent on Laminated Label Technology

UV Adhesives for Through-Cure Cold Foil Applications

Extrusion Dies Industries LLC (EDI) introduces new developments

Maguire Products, Inc. will exhibit a number of technologies at NPE 2003

Super-High-Capacity LPD ™ Dryer Dramatically Cuts Energy Costs and Resin Heat History for High-Throughput Plastics Processors

New Concept In Flat-Die Lip Adjustment Doubles Speed and Thickness Range of Automated Gauge Profiling

24-Hour Access to Roll Specification and Pricing

Lower-Cost, Turnkey Processing Systems from Kice

OmniPress Thermal Die Cutting System

Stork Materials Technology Announces Free Shipping Within the 48 Contiguous United States

Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Costs With Packaging Automation

Trends in Product Identification

Seven Steps to More Efficient Packaging Operations

Static Neutralizer with Plug-and-Play Flexibility

New High-Tack Splicing Tape Developed by Specialty Tapes!

New Surface Options for Precision Air Loaded Nip Roll Assemblies

Full Range of Unwind and Rewind Stands with Built-in Upgrade/Option Compatibility

Kice Air Power Units are Built to Last

Micro Air® RP4, RP6 and RP8 Dust Collectors

SignMasker II Eliminates Tedious Hand Masking

New Filter Blowers from Kice Industries

Bostik Findley High Performance Polymers Division Announces Publication of New Comprehensive Catalog

EIT, Inc. PALM Probe Radiometer granted US Patent 6,566,656 B2

EconoCutter Sheeting System Perfect for Small Needs

Rotary Airlocks from Kice Offer Durability and Convenience

CONTECH UltraPress Now Has Easier Controls, More Versatility

Improved Roto-Pulse ™ Cleaning Systems Extends Filter Life

New Trim Removal System Handles Narrow to Wide Edge Trim; Reduces Waste

CONTECH MagnaSlitter Offers Low-Cost Way to Slit

New Pinch Point Free Shaft Locking System for Unwind and Rewind Stations

New Kice Air Power Units Brochure

New Non-Aqueous Chiller Fluid for Tough Processing Applications

Kice Diverter Valves Offer Multiple Design Options

CONTECH ServoSheeter Now Cuts Denser Material, Features Better Controls

New Trim Removal System Handles Narrow to Wide Edge Trim; Reduces Waste

In an Unsure Economy, CONTECH Delivers Biggest Die Cutting Press Ever

American Baler offers a series of wide-mouth balers in a variety

Heat Vacuum Applicator from CONTECH Offers Complete Temperature Control

Bostik Findley High Performance Polymers Division Introduces New 400 Series Film Adhesives

Kice Multi-Aspirators ® Efficiently Classify Particles

Micro Air® RP8-3 Dust Collectors For High Volume Air Cleaning

New CONTECH Surface Driven Rewinders is Low Cost Option

New Kice Process Scale Controls Boost Powder Processing Efficiency

CONTECH Laminators Apply Material At High Speeds

Kice PD Blowers Brochure Now Features Filter Blowers

New CONTECH CompuSheeter II Features Vector Drive System

New Lateral Adjust Option Allows Airshaft Adjustment on the Fly

Eberle S. A. Will be exhibiting in the upcoming Drup 2004 Show

Converter Needs Slit / Rewind Flexibility, CONTECH Provides It

Upgraded Trim Removal System Features High Speed Production, Increased Portability


Versatile Baler Handles Most All Recyclables

Breakthrough Sleeve-Based In Line Flexo Press Raises the Bar

Heavy Duty Sleeve Plugs Protect Large Rolls

New Retrofit Web Guide for Mark Andy Converting Systems

New Kice Air Power Units Brochure

Full Line of Aluminum Idler Rolls

U-Clips Lock Large Roll Suspension Endboards to Pallet

Static Neutralizers Connect to Automation Equipment over Industrial Networks

Industry’s First Battery-Operated Roll Mover

New Kice Centrifugal Fans Brochure

New Kice Diverter Valve Brochure

Multiple Pouch Options Produced On A Single, New Totani Pouch Making Machine

Totani Announces establishment of TOTANI AMERICA INC

New Kice Rotary Airlocks Brochure

GN Packaging Equipment Expands Sales Team


Slitting & Rewinding Fundaments for Converters

2005 IADD/FSEA Odyssey

Xeric Web Drying Systems Selects Sales Director

Converting and Package Printing Expo 2005, Las Vegas NV

Modular Rewinds and Unwinds Allow Easy Increased Production and Added Capabilities

CPP EXPO – Closing in on 200 Exhibitors Key Suppliers - Confirm Space and Plan Machinery Displays!

CAC to Feature Efficiency Enhancing Web Handling Technology

New Rugged Design Upgrades Pinch Point Free Shaft Locking System

Roll Handler Goes Straight to the Core of the Problem

Roll Handling System Reduces Back Injuries, Operator Fatigue and Roll Edge Damage

CAC Acquires Representation in Mexico

CPP EXPO Announces 2006 Dates in Chicago

Versatile new presses offer both high speed and fast changeovers.

Three crucial qualifiers for material handling equipment purchases

New Plastics Recycling Lab Line Conveniently Available in Ipswich Massachusetts

Do you and your customers serve the packaging industry?

CPP-Converting & Package Printing Expo - Don't Miss it!

CPP Converting & Packaging Printing Expo 2006

Patented Lock Box Shipper for Large Rolls

Pad Plugs Simplify Roll Protection

Roll Handler Ships The Largest Rolls

CPP EXPO’S Chicago Debut – A Resounding Success!

Arkansas Poly Expands Quality Printing Capabilities With A New F&K Flexpress 16S

New Demonstration Lines at EREMA North America Headquarters

Automatic Core Cutter

CAC to Feature Efficiency Enhancing Web Handling Technology

CPP EXPO ‘07: PLGA & IBWA Involvement Highlight Las Vegas Event


A-Frame Option Expands Application of User-Friendly Roll Handling System

Electrically Heated Roll Offers Precision, Clean Operation, Easy Maintenance

Introducing P-Nip®, The World’s First Handheld Nip Width Measurement Device

Extensive Conference at Pack Expo Program

All-Air Web Guide for High Tension Applications

Mark Andy & Comco Join Leading Package Printing Suppliers in Las Vegas

Green Bay Packaging Drives Product Excellence Right Down to the Core

Double Plugs Speed Slit Roll Palletizing, adds shipping protection

Introducing SIGMA-NIP®

Air is the Guide to Quality Envelope Converting

Custom Fiber Air Shafts for Custom Converting Machinery

All-Air Web Guides for Wider Webs, Higher Tensions

2008 Web Coating & Drying Seminar Dates Announced

100 Plastic Plug Solutions

New Vacuum Rolls Feature Rugged Steel Screen

New Roll Mover Made for Large Soft-Material Rolls

IDC System Improves Core Cutting Efficiency

Seminars for Engineers fills growing need for on-site Web Handling & Converting consulting and training services

New core cutter cuts plastic and fiber cores

All-Air Web Guide Retrofit Packages

Pad Plugs Keep Rolls Safe

Micro-grooved rolls provide better web control

With Sustainability as a Goal, Small Improvements Can Deliver Big Results

Duro Bag Blows Away Downtime with Switch to All-Air Web Guides

Popular Web Spreading presentation to be free webinar

PPCM introduces new honeycomb packaging machine

New Core Adapters Offers Cost Effective, Simple Answer

Replacement Corona Treater Rolls

Connect and Go With Newest Compact Power Mover

New Cost-Effective Air Chuck is Designed for Demanding Applications

Quick Mounts For Idler Rolls

Slitting and Rewinding Fundamental for Converters

Web Handling II Seminar: Understanding Winding and Slitting


Converting industry’s first webinar on Web Spreading a tremendous success

Adjustable Bowed Roll Smooths Wrinkled Webs

Popular Roll Handling presentation to be free webinar

NimCor Airshafts Feature Custom Fit

Web Guides Steer Clear with All Air

Webinar on Web Spreading a tremendous success

CAC offers unique problem solving tech tips weekly

“Green” Roll Protection

CPP EXPO Chicago Holds Tough!

All-Air Web Guides Perfect for Mark Andy Presses

Precision Paper Machine Felt Rolls

Fast-Clamping Air Chucks Remove Easily

2009 Dates Announced for Updated Web Handling Seminar “Principles of Web Handling”

Popular Web Spreading presentation to be free webinar

Roll Restoring Tool Demonstrated Online

Problem Roll Repair Services

Custom Endboards Protect Heavier Rolls

Appleton Manufacturing Division Hires Sales Manager

New SimpLok Unwind and Rewind Modules

Low-Friction Idler Bearings stand the heat

Heat Transfer Rolls Engineered With Precision

Core Recycler Recovers Cores

2009 Principles of Flexible Web Slitting Seminar Dates

Compressed Air vs. Regenerative Blower

Carbon Fiber Rolls for Custom Performance.

Anti-Wrinkle Devices

T-Handled Power Mover Maximizes Control

Wood Core Plugs Provide Strong Protection

ShaftLok™ Safety Chuck Unwind and Rewind Modules Include Skew and Lateral Adjustments


Leaf Shafts Retain Thin Wall Core Shape

Badger Plug Marks 75th Anniversary

New Variable Speed Drive Option


Calender rolls that don't squeeze the budget

Don’t Cut Down on Quality Control of Nip Rollers During Tough Economic Times

Popular Fox Runner Portable Trim Removal with High Efficiency Blower Control

Easy Roll Wrapping

DigiNip® Provides Breakthrough in Narrow Nip Roller Alignment

Wrinkle Removing Rubber-Covered Rolls

Patented Roll Handler Protects Multiple Rolls

Slit Roll Packaging Video Now Online


Thermex® Paper Helps Engineers Check and Correct Surface Temperature Variations

New expert level simulator for Sinapse’s 20th birthday

New Features for ShaftLok® Safety Chucks

Custom Wood Core Plugs

Webex Acquires REM Manufacturing

How to control dampers for energy savings

Sinapse Appoints Buro Henze as German Distributor for Press Simulators

3-inch Air Mechanical Chucks

Heavy-Duty Core Plugs

Shaft Repair Video Now Online

Roll Suspension Video Now Online

Simco-Ion Becomes New Name in Static Control Technology

Sensor Products Inc. Announces It is Offering FUJI Prescale® Film for Measuring Precise Nip Pressure Magnitude and Distribution

Large Air Adapter Chucks

Grooved rolls remove trapped air

Duplex Slitter/Rewinder Ideal for metalized films and foils

Nip Roll Modules for Web Handling

Center/Surface Slitter Rewinder with Significant Versatility

Custom Nip Rolls Takes The Pressure

In-Line Ionizer for Pinpoint Static Neutralization

Principles of Winding & Slitting


Patented Roll Handler Kits

CAC Adds Adjustable Mounting Bracket to Adjusta-Pull® Anti-Wrinkle System

New Roll Handler Video

New Powerful Compact Charging Generator

Custom endboards protect heavier rolls

NimCor Expands Rep Network

NimCor refurbishes carbon fiber bridge mandrel adapters to yield same OEM performance while saving of up to 70% over new.

Small Bowed Rolls for Narrow Webs

NEW Mounting Bracket Vastly Improves an Anti-Wrinkle Device

Mobile Roll Restorer

Treater Rolls Take the Heat

Webex custom vacuum rolls incorporate intricate design to deliver optimum web handling control over highly sensitive, narrow film

Anti-Deflection Roll Provides Uniform Web Profiling

New H and U Clips for Suspended Roll Packaging


CAC Expands Anti-Wrinkle Product Line with Introduction of Bowed Roll


Versatile Slitter Rewinder

Customized Nip Stations

Specially Engineered Embossing Rolls

Geared Pull Rolls Ideal for Trim and Scrap Collection

Unique rollers create pleated filter media

Webex Completes Relocation of NimCor Operations to Wisconsin

Easy Roll Wrapping

Versatile Narrow Web Slitter Rewinder

Turret Slitter Rewinder Touts Automation

A Variety of Double Plugs to Protect Shipments

Eaglewood Technologies Installs Sani-Blast™ System in Brazil

Two-Drum Slitter Rewinder

A new face for old heat transfer rolls

A Variety of Double Plugs to Protect Shipments

Suspending and Dispensing Roll Goods

Some important Web Tension terms:

Typical Running Tensions

Pneumatic Waste Removal Systems

Tension Control 101

Eliminating Common Problems In Platemaking

Better Web Process Control Through Tension Sensing

Shear Knife Blade Life—Two Schools of Thought

Web Spreading Article - #11 of 14

Web Spreading Article #3 of 14

Achieving Color Balance on Press #1

Web Spreading Article #1 of 14

Color & Gray Balance Control

Stickily Speaking

Roll Handling #1 - Let's Start with the Basics

The Internet #3 - An effective business tool

The Internet #1 - a vast, unlimited resource of information.

The Necessity of Using Pretreated Films in Converting Applications And Why In-Line Retreating is Required.

Roll Handling #2 - A variety of methods.

Web Spreading Article #2 of 14

Stickily Speaking #3

The Internet #2 - Will they find you?

Stickily Speaking #2

Corona Treating Presentation

Web Spreading Article #4 of 14

Stickily Speaking #4

Achieving Color Balance on Press #2

Stickily Speaking #5

Web Spreading Article #5 of 14

Stickily Speaking #6

Static Neutralization on Rewinders

Tension Control #1

Web Spreading Article #6 of 14

Stickily Speaking #7

Tension Control #2

Web Spreading Article #9 of 14

Web Spreading Article #7 of 14

Web Spreading Article #8 of 14

Tension Control #3

Stickily Speaking #8

Tension Control #4

Stickily Speaking #9

Press Parts Cleaning - Part #1 of 3

Web Spreading Article - #10 of 14

Tension Control #5

Stickily Speaking - #10

One view of converting industry economy.

One Authors Outlook on the CMM Show

Press Parts Cleaning - Part #2 of 3

Tension Control #6

Press Parts Cleaning - Part #3 of 3

Web Spreading Article - #12 of 14

Tension Control #7

Stickily Speaking - #11

Recycling Your Own Solvents - Part #1 of 2

Recycling Your Own Solvents - Part #2 of 2

Web Spreading Article - #13 of 14

Stickily Speaking - #12

New Search:

Extensive Conference at Pack Expo Program
PMMI announces the agenda for the upcoming Conference at PACK EXPO, a comprehensive education program that will help packaging professionals understand and respond to strategic business issues. Conference “tracks” will include Brand Protection, Converting, Cost Savings, E-Machinery, Material Advances, Processing, Safety, Sustainability, Track & Trace and Upgrading Operations.

Keynote presentations from high-level executives at influential packaging groups, including Cal Dooley, president and CEO of the Grocery Manufacturers/Food Products Association (GMA/FPA) and John A. Luke, Jr., chairman and CEO of MeadWestvaco Corporation, will be given each day. A third keynote speaker, Dr. David Acheson, Assistant Commissioner of Food Protection at the Food and Drug Administration, has just been added to the lineup.

Running from October 15-17, 2007 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Conference at PACK EXPO will be held in conjunction with PACK EXPO Las Vegas.

The Conference at PACK EXPO is divided into multiple time periods each day, with several concurrent sessions planned for each time slot. This flexible approach makes it easy for attendees to participate in the program while keeping other commitments during the show.

Within the conference tracks, attendees can choose specific presentations that cover a broad range of issues, including sustainability enhancement, anti-counterfeiting, Six Sigma, lean changeover, traceability, RFID technology and much more.

To help select sessions most suited to individual business goals, attendees can use My PACK EXPO™, an innovative pre-show planning tool. To access this free service, attendees simply complete a show registration form and short profile. Based on the data inputted, My PACK EXPO will intelligently mine the show’s database of conference sessions to generate a report customized to meet individual needs and interests. The report is hosted on a personalized, password-protected web portal that can be accessed 24/7. The My PACK EXPO feature will be available for attendees beginning in mid-August.

Discounted registration for the Conference at PACK EXPO is currently available online at For registrations received on or before September 24, 2007, the cost will be $55 per session. Registrations received after September 24, 2007 and on-site will be processed at a cost of $75 per session.

Registration for the exhibits at PACK EXPO Las Vegas is required in order to register for the conference program.

Following is the Conference at PACK EXPO schedule (as of June 26, 2007). Abstracts of the presentations can be found on Program updates will be added to the site on an ongoing basis.

Monday, October 15

10:10 – 10:50am
Keynote Presentation

Title: Consumer Confidence: A Shared Objective of the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry and Policymakers
Speaker: Cal Dooley, president and CEO of Grocery Manufacturers/Food Products Association (GMA/FPA)

8:30 – 9:10am
Concurrent Sessions

Session: M1
Track: Upgrading Operations
Title: Improving the Packaging Line from Throughput to Footprint
Speaker: Bob Risley, CEO, Materials Handling Systems, LLC

Session: M5
Track: Material Advances
Title: Emerging Stand-Up Pouch and Other New Flexible Packaging Innovations from Japan
Speaker: Neil Kozarsky, President, T.H.E.M.

Session: M9
Track: Sustainability
Title: Case Studies for Flexible Packaging Providing Improved Sustainability
Speaker: Jeffrey Wooster, Plastics North America TS&D, Dow Chemical

Session: M13
Track: Processing
Title: Hot Water for Sanitation
Speaker: Tammy Collins, Sales Manager/Applications Advisor, QuikWater

Session: M19
Track: Converting

e: Emerging Flexographic Plate Technologies
Speaker: Paul Lancelle, Green Bay Engraving

9:20 – 10:00am
Concurrent Sessions

Session: M2
Track: Upgrading Operations
Title: Improving Profitability of Packaging Operations Using Real-Time Performance Management Software
Speaker: David Ray, Application Engineer, Parsec Automation Corp.

Session: M6
Track: Material Advances
Title: Shapely Metal Containers. Passing fad or emerging future?
Speaker: Heidi Slocumb, Marketing Manager, Silgan Containers Corporation

Session: M10
Track: Sustainability
Title: Sustainability as a Competitive Lever
Speakers: Wil Schoenmakers, Global Head of Consumer Products/Management Group; David Hatrick, Senior Consultant, Carmel McQuaid, Senior Consultant, PA Consulting

Session: M14
Track: Processing
Title: Use of PMO Mixproof Valve Technology to increase Productivity in US Dairy Plants
Speaker: Dave Medlar, President, Tuchenhagen Flow Components

Session: M20
Track: Converting
Title: Plate Mounting Solutions that Produce Quick ROI
Speaker: Jan Willem Boers, Managing Director, Polymount International B.V.

11:00 – 11:40am
Concurrent Sessions

Session: M3
Track: Upgrading Operations
Title: Technical Training Partnership: OEMs and End-Users Working Together to Create Best Practices
Speaker: PANEL: PMMI Technical Training Community of Practice

Session: M7
Track: Material Advances
Title: Knowing and Understanding the Hidden Costs in Your Packaging Operation
Speaker: Ingrid Cole, Group Technology Manager, North American Adhesives, National Adhesives

Session: M11
Track: Sustainability
Title: Maximum Performance – Minimum Packaging
Speaker: John Grainda, Global Marketing Manager, Alcoa Closure Systems International

Session: M15
Track: Cost Savings
Title: Dannon Improves Efficiency up to 40% using High Speed Video
Speakers: Jerry Shoemaker, Production Supervisor, Dannon; Russell Leonard, VP of Business Development, Monitoring Technology Corporation

Session: M21
Track: Converting
Title: If the Horse You Are Riding is Dead . . .
Speaker: Jim Coddington, BHS Printing Machinery

11:50am – 12:30pm
Concurrent Sessions

Session: M4
Track: Upgrading Operations
Title: Key Rules to Get the Best Out of a Development Project
Speaker: Axel Foerster, President and Managing Director, Rychiger AG

Session: M8
Track: Material Advances
Title: Advances in Breathable Polymers
Speaker: Dr. Donna L. Visioli, Senior Technical Programs Manager, DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers

Session: M12
Track: Sustainability
Title: Enhancing Sustainability through Intelligent Packaging Design for Source Reduction
Speakers: Henry Wischusen III, Director, President and CEO, Integrated Development L.C.; Dr. Aaron Brody, President and CEO, Packaging/Brody, Inc.

Session: M16
Track: Brand Protection
Title: Brand Protection in Packaging: Fighting Through the Noise
Speaker: Lynn Crutchfield, President, Brand Protection Alliance

Session: M22
Track: Converting
Title: Flexo Printing for Labels
Speaker: TBD, Radius Solutions

1:30 – 2:10pm
Concurrent Sessions

Session: M17
Track: Converting
Title: Web Coating - Atmospheric Solution
Speaker: Lee A. Ostness, Product Manager, Davis-Standard, LLC

Session: M23
Track: Converting
Title: How to Automate and Secure the Printing Workflow Process
Speaker: TBD, Senior Engineer, Global Vision

2:20 – 3:00pm
Concurrent Sessions

Session: M18
Track: Converting
Title: A New Level of Productivity w

ith High Vacuum R2R Coaters for Packaging Film
Speaker: Andreas Weis, Director Web Business Unit, Applied Materials

Session: M24
Track: Converting
Title: Predictive Maintenance: A New Tool for the Converting Industry
Speakers: PANEL: Dr. L. Fenney, CEO, Sigmala Ltd; J. Round, Director, Sigmala Ltd; Dr. D. Brown, Reader, Institute of Industrial Research

Tuesday, October 16

10:10 – 10:50am
Keynote Presentation

Title: Coming Full-Circle: Sustainability throughout the Packaging Lifecycle
Speaker: John A. Luke, Jr., Chairman/CEO, MeadWestvaco Corporation

8:30 – 9:10am
Concurrent Sessions

Session: T1
Track: E-Machinery
Title: Distance Learning and Control: Tips and Techniques for Economically Monitoring Remote Packaging Lines
Speaker: Marcus Sandhoefner, Sales Manager, B&R Industrial Automation

Session: T5
Track: Upgrading Operations
Title: Lean Changeover
Speaker: John Henry, CPP,

Session: T9
Track: Brand Protection
Title: The Main Event - Metal Detection vs. X-Ray. Which Contaminant Detection Technology Will Win in the Long Run?
Speaker: Bob Ries, Product Manager of Metal Detectors and X-Ray Systems, Process Instruments Division, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Session: T13
Track: Processing
Title: The Benefits of Pre-Packaging Optical Inspection
Speaker: Tim Reardon, Industry Marketing Manager, Key Technology, Inc.

Session: T19
Track: Converting
Title: Upgrading & Modernizing Your Coating Equipment -- Do's & Don'ts Part 1: A Cost Effective Alternative to a New Coating Line
Speaker: John Pasquale, Senior Vice President, New Era Converting Machinery, Inc.

9:20 – 10:00am
Concurrent Sessions

Session: T2
Track: E-Machinery
Title: Tapping the Ethernet to Monitor Multiple Remote Packaging Ops
Speaker: Robert Bisbee, Vice President Operations, George Gordon Associates, Inc.

Session: T6
Track: Upgrading Operations
Title: Packaging Execution Systems (PES) -- A New Way of Thinking about Packaging Operations
Speaker: David DeJean, Director of Sales, Serialization Products, SYSTECH International

Session: T10
Track: Brand Protection
Title: Anti-Counterfeiting Options for the Packaging Process
Speaker: Gary Parish, President, Complete Inspection Systems

Session: T14
Track: Processing
Title: X-ray Inspection – The Future of Processing
Speaker: Robert Scott, Product Manager, Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc.

Session: T20
Track: Converting
Title: Upgrading & Modernizing Your Coating Equipment -- Do's & Don'ts Part 2: Modernizing Your Existing Drying Systems
Speaker: Dan Bemi, Regional Sales Manager, MEGTEC Systems

11:00 – 11:40am
Concurrent Sessions

Session: T3
Track: E-Machinery
Title: Here or There? Weighing the Feasibility/Costs of Jobsite vs. Offsite Systems Controls
Speaker: Mark Zelnick, President, Zed Industries, Inc.

Session: T7
Track: Upgrading Operations
Title: Six Sigma and the World of Packaging
Speaker: Joe Finan, Executive Analyst, Genesis Innovation

Session: T11
Track: Track & Trace
Title: RFID on thePackaging Level –How to Get the Chip on the Box!
Speaker: Gerald Steinwasser, General Manager, Muhlbauer, Inc.

Session: T15
Track: Material Advances
Title: Signs on the Road to Sustainable Packaging: What to Ask for, What to Say, and How to Do it.
Speaker: Dave Lunati, Director of Marketing, Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc.

Session: T21
Title: Upgrading & Modernizing Your Coating Equipment -- Do's & Don'ts Part 3: Drives and Controls Modernization
Speaker: Michael Murphy, Vice President, Sales

and Marketing, Circonix Technologies

11:50am – 12:30pm
Concurrent Sessions

Session: T4
Track: E-Machinery
Title: Leveraging E-Machinery to Stay Up and Running
Speaker: Jeff Suffet, Project Manager, Domino Amject, Inc; Paul Imaoka, Director Field Service, Domino Amject, Inc.

Session: T8
Track: Upgrading Operations
Title: Automation Solutions for Changeover and Uptime Optimization
Speaker: Helge Hornis, PhD, Manager, Intelligent Systems Group, Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc.

Session: T12
Track: Track & Trace
Title: Enhancing RFID Through Layering Other Technologies
Speakers: Peter Ettinger, President, Document Security Systems; Patrick White, CEO, Document Security Systems

Session: T16
Track: Material Advances
Title: Achieving Greater Profitability and Sustainability in the Packaging Supply Chain
Speaker: Brian Reilly, Senior Director, Innovation Institute, Georgia-Pacific

Session: T22
Track: Converting
Title: Upgrading & Modernizing Your Coating Equipment -- Do's & Don'ts Part 4: On-line Gauging for Coating Processes
Speaker: Mr. Ted Schnackertz, Strategic Accounts Specialist, NDC Infrared Engineering

1:30 – 2:10pm
Concurrent Sessions

Session: T17
Track: Converting
Title: Maximizing Converter Profits -- Recent Advances in Surface Treatment Technology
Speaker: Rory A. Wolf, Vice President, Business Development, Enercon Industries Corp.

Session: T23
Track: Converting
Title: Web Coating – UV Solution
Speaker: Erik Midlik, PRIME Systems

2:20 – 3:30pm
Concurrent Sessions
Session: T18
Track: Converting
Title: Expanding Packaging Applications Using Electron Beam Technology
Speaker: Richard Sanders, Sales & Marketing, Energy Sciences Inc.

Session: T24
Track: Converting
Title: Adhesion Promotion Using Flame Plasma Surface Treatment
Speaker: Joe Digiacomo, Flynn Burner Corp. Wednesday, October 17

10:10 – 10:50am
Keynote Presentation
Title: Assuring Safety in the Global Food Market: Our Shared Responsibilities
Speaker: Dr. David Acheson, Assistant Commissioner of Food Protection, Food and Drug Administration

8:30 – 9:10am
Concurrent Sessions

Session: W1
Track: Upgrading Operations
Title: Competing globally: Are We Missing Das Boat? Technician Training in Germany
Speaker: John Kowal, Global Marketing Manager, ELAU Inc.

Session: W5
Track: Track & Trace
Title: Effective Recall Strategies Begin with Effective Product Tagging
Speakers: David Habib, Product Manager, MARKEM Software & Solutions, MARKEM Corporation; Jerry Horne, Solutions Key Accounts Manager, MARKEM Solutions, MARKEM Corporation

Session: W9
Track: Safety
Title: Selecting and Implementing a Safety Architecture (including Networks) to Provide the Most Cost Effective Solution for Your Packaging Equipment.
Speaker: Lyle Masimore, Business Manager, Safety Business, Rockwell Automation

Session: W13
Track: Processing
Title: A Realistic Approach to Traceability
Speaker: Patrick Pilz, CEO, CSB-System Int'l, Inc.

Session: W19
Track: Converting
Title: Focus for Profits
Speaker: Bill Bowie, Chief Operating Officer, Resin Technology Inc.

9:20 – 10:00am
Concurrent Sessions

Session: W2
Track: Upgrading Operations
Title: Secrets of Best-in-Class Manufacturing Operations: Based on a Real-Time Benchmark Study of CPG Operations
Speaker: Sudy Bharadwaj, CMO & Vice President, Solutions Consulting, Informance International

Session: W6
Track: Track & Trace
Title: RFID – Improved Logistics and Product Tracking
Speaker: Ed Housler, RFID Business Developm

ent Manager and Product Specialist, Siemens Energy & Automation

Session: W10
Track: Safety
Title: Using Drive-Based Safety Technology to Improve OEE
Speaker: John Wenzler, Corporate Account Executive, Bosch Rexroth Corporation

Session: W14
Track: Processing
Title: Tackling Waste and Process Line Inefficiencies by Using Real-Time Process Control
Speaker: Eric Doern, Design Engineer, FMC FoodTech

Session: W20
Track: Converting
Title: New Coating Technology for Improved Ink Release and Reduced Plugging
Speaker: Steven Wilkinson, ARC International

11:00 – 11:40am
Concurrent Sessions

Session: W3
Track: Upgrading Operations
Title: Robotics - This Is Why It's Hot
Speaker: Matthew Job, Technical Director, Hartness Visy Automation, Inc.

Session: W7
Track: Track & Trace
Title: Automatic RFID Label Application - Keys to Success
Speaker: Ann Marie Phaneuf, Director of Marketing, Weber Marking Systems, Inc.

Session: W11
Track: Cost Savings
Title: Boost Profits and Sustainability with Optimized Purchasing
Speaker: Bill Petersen, Account Manager, Iconotech

Session: W15
Track: Processing
Title: Aseptic Processing: Innovation for Manufacturers, More Options for Consumers
Speaker: Jean Pierre Berlan, Processing Group Director, Tetra Pak

Session: W21
Track: Converting
Title: The Printer and the Human Factor: Pumping Solutions for Flexo & Gravure Printers
Speaker: Bill Mason, Sales Manager, Powerwise Ink Pumps

11:50am – 12:30pm
Concurrent Sessions

Session: W4
Track: Upgrading Operations
Title: OEE and TEEP – What Do They Mean? Are They Related and What Value Can They Give Me?
Speaker: Paul J. Zepf, Director of Engineering, Zarpac Inc.

Session: W8
Track: Track & Trace
Title: RFID Advanced Topics: Packaging as the Tag; Packaging Asymmetry
Speaker: Daniel P. Mullen (Moderator), President, AIM Global; Panel TBD

Session: W12
Track: Cost Savings
Title: A Cost Analysis of Printing Secondary Packaging Versus Ordering Pre-Printed Containers
Speaker: Graham Podmore, Secondary Packaging Product Manager, Videojet Technologies Inc.

Session: W16
Track: Safety
Title: New Generation of Chemical Dispensing Systems
Speaker: Thomas Braun, Business Unit Manager, Chemical and Packaging Products, Colder Products Company

Session: W22
Track: Converting
Title: Increase Profits by Aligning Your Assets
Speaker: Richard Henry, Vice President, Advanced Maintenance Solutions, Inc.

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